The 1st Rally in Leipzig

The Periscope Rally Movement is a combined approach with the objective to connect innovative and entertaining Periscope people at a location somewhere in Germany or Europe with a group of virtual attendees who’re due to any reasons not able to attend at the Periscope Rally events that we’re going to organize.

Finally these two groups (virtual atendees plus in person attendees) shall be connected to the local community/communities where there’ll be the next smaller and larger Periscope Rally events in the future.

We have chosen a location for our Periscope Rally in Leipzig and we decided for an iconic building with a long history, to bring some Leipzig Retro and GDR nostalgia to our attendees.

Capacity for up to 50 people
Address: Theresienstraße 13, 04129 Leipzig – Germany
Directions from the central Station Leipzig (2,2 km): urban Train/S-Bahn S to Leipzig-Gohlis and 9 min. walk to Theresienstr. 13

3rd DEC – 6th DEC 2015

Conference Sсhedule

Thursday, 3rd Dec 2015
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Friday, 4th Dec 2015
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Saturday, 5th Dec 2015
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Sunday, 6th Dec 2015
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Gunnar Sohn
Keynote Speaker

Gunnar Sohn

Gunnar Sohn (Periscope: @gsohn, Twitter: @gsohn) – graduated in commercial studies, freelancer, author, commercial/economical publicist and journalist, blogger, presenter, columnist will be on stage with a keynote about livestreaming in business. His German article that his keynote will be based on can be found here:

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