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From Periscope Rally Movement to PeriRally.LIVE


Probably everyone already dreamt of how it would be to see the world through some other people’s eyes. With Periscope the already “legendary” livestreaming app owned by Twitter™ this dream can come true.

More than 10 million app downloads and 2 million daily users worldwide are already infected by this new realtime live broadcasting approach that is combined with an easy to use chat function. Any live viewer at the app can directly connect with the broadcaster anywhere in the world – and with other live viewers who are watching at the same time.

Roughly six months after the first release of the Periscope app there have been the first Periscope Summit at the end of September 2015 in New York City – a mixture of tech and networking event to connect Periscope people from several parts of the world with each other in person. Additionally there’ve been started a lot of other movements to connect and showcase Periscopers from all over the world.

Based on this the Periscope Rally Movement is a combined approach with the objective to connect innovative and entertaining Periscope people at a location somewhere in Germany or Europe with a group of virtual attendees who’re due to any reasons not able to attend at the Periscope Rally events that we’re going to organize. Finally these two groups (virtual atendees plus in person attendees) shall be connected to the local community/communities where there’ll be the next smaller and larger Periscope Rally events in the future.


We want to bring Periscope livestreamers together from all over the world, especially from Germany and Europe.

The PeriRally events are an up to 4-days get-together with ambitious scopers from Germany, Europe and overseas. The Rally events are a mixture of tech talks, networking event, entertainment, showcases, discussions and discovering Leipzig. All Periscope Rally events will be broadcasted live by scopers from the Rally to tens of thousands of Periscope Users.

Speakers and attendees present different Periscope rudiments / discussing the short, middle-, and longterm potential and the future development of Periscope / supporting Periscope and the idea of live streaming in Germany and Europe / exchange of ideas in marketing and communication / providing content ideas for all kind of businesses.

In August 2016 we created a new live talk format on Periscope and organise a monthly live talk round with five speakers. We are giving the topic and choose the speakers for a kind of short „PeriTrain“ scopes but more structured and compressed to useful and valid contents. Every speaker has max. 20 min to talk about the topic, give his own knowledge and experiences to the viewers and discuss with them. The speakers include the viewers in their talks.

We named this new format #PeriRallyTALK and this # will always be put in the scope titles of the speakers live stream. We promote the topic, the speakers and the different talks online.

In 2015 we organized under #PERINYE worldwide 41 live scopes for Periscopes 1st New Years Eve. Scopers from all around the world had live streamed from NYE happenings in their countries. Wether if it was a firework, a party, a show, a traditional celebration, preparations etc. Great people worldwide brought NYE around the globe on mobile devices. Every scoper shared their personal NYE experience for about 15 min. with the world. We organized 41 live videos from 24 countries in a 28 hours time period.

Because of the huge success with very high interaction rates and viewers we decided to organize this unique happening to every New Years Eve.


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